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Even before you order from us, you can ask for our team to make a first evaluation of the energy that our Hybrid Towers will produce over the years, the cost of the construction, the estimated revenue and report it all back to you.

Hybrid Tower intalations and services (coming soon)

We will come to your location and installed our novel design ourselves. Afterward, our team can provide services for the towers.

Software solutions (coming soon)

We offer an automated digital solution the lets you combine the energy production of our Hybrid Tower with an already wind park you may have and control all f them from a single system.

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We are a Cyprus-based startup that wants to revolutionize the renewable energy sector and more specifically the sector of wind turbines.

Our philosophy is simple, we aim for simple but new solutions in the energy sector that can go to market in years not decades. That approach was used with our current project, Hybrid Tower.

Both of the company's founders come from an Engineering background with deep Knowledge in Computational Engineering and a great passion for renewable energy research.

"We didn't build this company just to make a profit, our primary want is to help our planet"



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Hybrid Tower

Type: On-shore

Named Power: 112 MW

AEP: 144 GWh (7 times as much as the biggest on-shore wind generator currently in the market)

CO2 savings: 101 metric kilo tones/year

Storage capacity: 11 MWh

Design characteristics: Bird-friendly design

Easier afterlife management: No composite materials used in the Tower's design.

Extra features: You give you the possibility to add solar panels over the tank area.  

More details of our methodology behind the numbers above can be found in the company's technical report.


Technical Report upon request.





For any inquiries, questions or commendations, please call: 357-99-74-2004 or fill out the following form

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